Imagine an amazing, high-tech security system combined with a military-grade arsenal of weapons.

It is all set-up inside your body to do surveillance and identify the bad guys, and then neutralize, poison, destroy, and kill any harmful invaders it finds.

It has a memory so vast it still stores the information on how to fight the diseases, infections, and influenza you had as a child, while its high-tech laboratories are already making the vaccine for COVID-19. It even has information the Center for Disease Control won’t discover for another decade.

Science simply calls this system your Immune System, but I call it a MIRACLE.


by Dr. Schulze

Digestive Immune System

From the beginning to the end of your digestive tract, you have immune SURVEILLANCE CHECKPOINTS from your mouth to your large intestine.

These checkpoints are there to check the air you breathe and the food traveling through your digestive tract. If they detect anything that can hurt you (bacteria, virus, parasites, pathogenic microorganisms), they sound the immune alarm, bringing immune cells and immune chemicals to the rescue.

Multiple sets of Tonsils in your mouth and throat, the Peyer’s Patches in your small intestine, and your Appendix in your large intestine—these are the three main security checkpoints from the beginning to the end of your digestive/elimination tract. When they detect any intrusion, they spring into action, triggering a complex and lethal immune response.


Long mistaken by medical doctors as a useless organ, and even surgically removed in children, the tonsils are now recognized as a competent and essential part of your immune response system. They are loaded with immune T-Cells, B-Cells, and potent immune chemicals, and their location puts them as the first line of defense against any harmful invader that you might inhale by breathing or ingesting in your food. It has even been discovered that the tonsils can synthesize the antibody for Poliomyelitis or Polio; in fact, the tonsils may be the ONLY place in your body that can do this. This fact may explain how ignorant surgeons removing tonsils left children defenseless against the paralyzing Poliovirus. This information underscores the importance of the tonsils in maintaining your immunity and makes surgically performing tonsillectomies barbaric and insane.

Peyer’s Patches

Located in your small intestine, these lymph nodes are saturated with immune T-Cells and B-Cells, which not only directly kill harmful disease-causing germs in your digestive tract, but also mediate an entire immune response whenever germs are detected.


Like the Tonsils, long thought by medical doctors as another useless organ of the human body (how egotistical), the Appendix is now recognized as an immune aggregation. Its perfect position at the very beginning of the large intestine means it can detect disease-causing microorganisms when they enter your bowel. It can then neutralize them and, if necessary, initiate an immune response telling your spleen and other organs to release more immune cells.

Organ Immune System

Numerous organs within the human body are also important parts of your immune system.

Your Bone Marrow, the “factory” that manufactures and churns out millions of blood cells, many of which are educated and become immune cells.

The Thymus is now known to be the “university” where your various T-Cells are educated. We don’t know enough yet to figure out where your B-Cells are educated (we’ve figured it out in birds but not in humans).

The Liver and the Spleen are “storage” areas for large masses of immune cells and chemicals. In these organs, the immune cells and chemicals also interact, communicate, and share vital information.

Cellular Immune System

Immune T-Cells, born in the bone marrow and educated in the Thymus (hence T-Cell), are divided into various groups, mainly TCD4+ and TCD8+ cells.

The T4’s are considered HELPER and COMMUNICATOR cells. Whenever they come into contact with an invading microorganism, they communicate vital information about the invader back to the rest of your immune system. This information is used for a diverse counter-attack from simply sounding the alarm to sending out more killing immune cells, to telling the B-cells vital information they need to make specific poisons to neutralize and kill the invaders. Some T-Cells (like the TH17) produce immune chemicals, like Interleukin, and secrete these chemicals into your bloodstream. After they meet invaders, they excrete chemicals that announce an invasion, sound the alarm, recruit and activate additional T-Cells, and even create a fever.

Sometimes referred to as Leucotaxis, a fever is a direct response by your immune system. For every degree of temperature rise in your body, the speed at which your white blood cells can travel and get to the infection is DOUBLED! This means, if you run a fever of 104-degrees, your immune cells are now traveling 64 times faster than usual. Consequently, reducing your fever will help the harmful invaders to spread by slowing down your immune response.

T-8 cells are often called Cytotoxic or Killer T-Cells. They are assassins more than communicators. T-8 cells kill harmful microorganisms on contact. Additionally, new T-Cells are being identified all the time.

Interferon is another chemical released by your immune system. Interferon Type I mediates an anti-viral immune response while Interferon Type II mediates an anti-bacterial immune response.

You also have Regulator T-Cells that are like referees and can speed up or slow down the immune response based on critical information on how the battle is going. You don’t want to slow down the immune system response to the invading microorganisms too soon before they are sufficiently destroyed, nor do you want to keep fighting after the invader is eliminated.

Macrophages, the largest of all the immune cells, devour anything and everything that can hurt you. They are like internal leeches combined with garbage trucks, hence the name (Macro=Big / Phage=Eater).

B-Cells are very sophisticated lethal immune weapons. After sharing information with your other immune cells, B-Cells use five different types of immunoglobulins on their surface to synthesize particular poisons to kill the specific virus, bacteria, fungus, antigens, pathogens, microbes, etc. They are the chemical warfare cells of your immune system.

Neutrophils, Basophils, Eosinophils, and Mast Cells are your granulocyte immune cells. A very different type of immune cell is designed to deal with Bacteria, Parasites, and Immune and Allergic responses.

Lymphatic Circulatory System

The Lymphatic system is the circulatory system for immune response. It is a series of pathways, with ducts, nodes, and nodules along these pathways, for immune cells and immune chemicals to travel around your body. You could consider this to be similar to your circulatory system, except it doesn’t have a pump like your heart. Instead, lymphatic fluid is moved around your body by deep breathing, exercise, massage, skin brushing, etc.

Finally, Immunity and your Emotional Dialog

Neuropeptides are chemicals created by your brain cells in response to various thoughts you are having. It has now been discovered that your immune cells, your T-Cells, and B-Cells have specific receptors on their surface for the neuropeptides created by your thoughts. There are numerous medical and scientific articles discussing how your body’s “internal conversation” directly affects your immune system.

It is also known that when your neuropeptides lock on to your immune cell receptor sites, they can turn-on, turn-off, speed-up, or slow down your immune system. It is now known that your immune system is listening to—and reacting to—your emotional dialog!

As science progresses, it becomes more and more clear that a “body-mind-spirit” connection is happening with everything going on inside your body. How silly to think of ourselves, our anatomy, physiology, and every system in our bodies as disconnected separate systems, instead of one big organic machine with everything affecting EVERYTHING!