My 5 Essential Tips To Stay Healthy

These are the top 5 things that I do every day to keep myself healthy and protected. Start doing these five simple things, and you will greatly increase your body’s super-immune function, while limiting any chances of becoming infected.

Wash Your Hands

#1: Wash your hands with hot water and soap 10 times a day!

Viruses live on surfaces, and when you touch these surfaces, you come in direct contact with the person who had the virus. Washing your hands with hot water and soap removes the bacteria and virus. So, especially when you’re out and about, every chance you get, wash your hands. When you go into a public bathroom, wash your hands with hot water and soap. When you get home, wash your hands with hot water and soap. Do this ten times a day!

Keep your hands away from your face

#2: Keep your hands away from your face, especially your nose, your mouth, and your eyes!

If your hands come in contact with any bacteria or virus—and you don’t get a chance to wash your hands and disinfect them—when you touch these entrances to your body, like your eyes, nose, or mouth, you infect yourself immediately. So, keep your fingers out of your eyes and mouth, and keep your booger finger out of your nose! If you would wash your hands and do those two things, chances are greatly improved that you won’t infect yourself.

Carry a great sanitizer

#3: Carry a great hand sanitizer with you everywhere you go, especially over the next few months!

Make sure it’s at least 60% alcohol, or, better yet, over 70% alcohol, which immediately kills bacteria and the influenza virus. And, find an organic, natural, and herbal one that won’t dry out your skin.

Start consuming fresh garlic

#4: Start consuming fresh, raw, organic garlic!

Garlic is a natural antibiotic. It kills both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, making it a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It also is a very positive antiviral that kills viruses on contact, plus it’s a powerful antifungal. Garlic destroys just about any microorganism and pathogen that can harm you. But, at the same time—unlike indiscriminate antibiotics—garlic does not destroy your intestinal flora (the good, friendly bacteria that your body needs.) So, increase your intake of garlic. And, if anyone is sick around you, start chewing the raw cloves, and chopping it up raw to add to your food.

Avoid sick people

#5: Avoid sick people like the plague!

I’ve been saying this for 40 years. If you see anyone coughing or sneezing, get away from them or tell them to get away from you! I make a habit, 365 days a year, to avoid physically, emotionally, and even spiritually toxic people. I just want to hang out with people that are healthy, fun, positive, happy, loving, and blissed out. Call me a snob, but I’ve always social distanced, long before that name was politically correct. I surround myself with healthy and happy people, and steer clear of the rest. Like I said, I’ve been preaching this for 40 years, and I know it’s a politically correct term now to say “social distancing,” but whatever you wanna call it, I preach it, and I take it quite a few steps further than six feet.

Bonus Steps


In addition, be sure you are getting daily exercise, eat more organic super-nutritious food, and take your SuperMeal or SuperFood Plus every day to guarantee you have an abundance of all your needed nutrients in your blood. Get as much fresh air as possible and get some sunlight every day.

See the next few pages for my potent herbal formulas to protect you and your loved ones. Start building powerful super-immunity this coming fall, winter, and spring. We’re gonna survive it, my friends!

— Dr. Schulze