Positive Healing Affirmations

The dictionary description of Affirmation: “Concentrating your Attention and your Effort on achieving a particular Outcome!”

Simple and to the point–I love it! So, let’s get right to this point. What I want is to be extremely healthy and live a very long life filled with Love, Joy, Happiness, Success, Relaxation, Fun, Laughter, Bliss, Great Moments, Great Sex and even more Love! Or as Mr. Spock said, I want to “Live Long and Prosper”. I want maximum QUALITY and maximum QUANTITY. I want to feel great, to do all the things that I want to do, for as long as I can possibly do them. YES!

Many people think that life just happens to them, and that they have no control over their future. They believe that it is all in God’s hands, or that “Shit Happens”, or that they fluctuate between having Good Luck and Bad Luck, or between being blessed and being cursed. I don’t! After having thousands of patients healed all over the world, from every type of disease, illness and affliction known to mankind, I have seen the power of natural healing programs and lifestyle and herbal medicine. But, I have also seen that the power of natural healing, or any healing, is also directly related to a person’s attitude, focus and effort.

In order for anything to be effective for you, you must Believe and Do. There are plenty of people out there in the world to tell you what WON’T happen, what you CANNOT do and what is IMPOSSIBLE. I am here to tell you what CAN HAPPEN! I am here to tell you what you CAN DO! I am here to tell you what IS POSSIBLE! …And it is far MORE than anyone can IMAGINE.

The following Positive Healing Affirmations helped my thousands of patients create their own personal healing miracles and helped them to transform their life in a very powerful way. We are ALL very powerful, very successful, and we get exactly what we ask for. This is basic physics. I just helped my patients ask for something different, live in a different healthier way, and this caused very different results.

What I know is simple; that if you want to have different results, or a different tomorrow, then you have to be willing to change, and be willing to live differently, today. So, three of my favorite Positive Healing Affirmations to remind us that we have the power and ability to change our future are...

#1 Tomorrow Is What You Believe and Do Today!

All you need to do is first, BELIEVE that you can change the future, and then DO the necessary things to make that change manifest.

#2 Your Focus Determines Your Future, And Your Actions Make It Happen!

This one I heard in one of the later Star Wars movies, when the kid is afraid he can’t win the spaceship race and the Jedi Knight (I think played by Liam Neeson) tells him to Focus, and says this amazing line, “Your focus determines your future!” Anyway, regardless of where it came from, and even if I paraphrased it, it is true! It is just another way of empowering yourself to see that, well I will say it again, that Your Focus, Determines Your Future! If I would add anything to this, it would be that “Your Actions Make It Happen!”

#3 Every Thought You Think, And Every Word You Speak And Everything You Do Creates Your Future!

My experience with myself (and with my thousands of patients) is that affirmations alone were not powerful enough to create healing miracles or manifest great goals in life. But, mixed with ACTION, well, that is when I saw MIRACLES HAPPEN–and happen FAST! The bottom line my friends, is that YOU determine your reality and your future. So pick a great one and make it happen!

And finally...To Eliminate The Bad, Focus On The Good!

I have a very different approach. FORGET THE DISEASE, I DON’T CARE about the disease. Instead, let’s focus on Creating Powerful Health!

I have stated this many times before, in many places. I am not the smartest person in the world. But, I am just smart enough to know, and my ego is in check enough to admit that I have no idea what is wrong with most people when they are dis-eased, and furthermore, I have no possible idea how to tell, instruct, command or medically force their body to heal. On the other hand, what I do know is how to create such an amazingly healthy lifestyle, and environment that surrounds the body, so that the body will get stronger and HEAL ITSELF! This is the only real and lasting healing and health.

So, instead of bullshitting my patients that I was some see-all, know-all, medical genius god, I instead FOCUSED on the GOOD, creating this amazingly healthy lifestyle for the body, mind and spirit, and ignored their disease. That is when the healing miracles happened!

— Dr. Schulze