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SuperMeal Cookies!

Dr. Schulze brings you the “best of” his recent @TheHerbDoc Instagram videos!

"SuperMeal cookies, YAHOO!!!!! I love them. Take two organic bananas, a bunch of SuperMeal, some organic rolled oats, blended, scooped on a pan with walnut on top. Don’t ask for one because they just disappeared really fast!!!

I bent one so you could see how chewy they came out. Dehydrate them overnight in a dehydrator, or for you cookers, pop in the oven for 15 minutes. There is no recipe, no rules—freedom, baby—just have fun and eat food that will love and nourish you!

Today’s cookies: two organic bananas, a bunch of SuperMeal and some flax seeds made them taste great and a little more chewy. Oh yeah, and a little pistachio butter, YUMMY!!!! Just use your imagination! The kids, the pets, everyone loves them. A cookie like this a day keeps the doctor away!”

— Dr. Schulze

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See you next week!



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