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Immune System Superchargers

Meet life head on and defend yourself against all that life throws your way!

  • Real Vitamin C! 99% of all Vitamin C products are made from toxic, synthetic ascorbic acid! Dr. Schulze’s Super-C Plus is made using only 11 organic and wild-harvested herbs— with no sugar or chemicals—giving you over 500% of your daily Vitamin C and Vitamin C Complex.

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    Super-C Tablets & Powder
  • Dr. Schulze pre-blended his two most powerful formulas to strengthen your body’s natural defenses against seasonal attacks. He combined Echinacea Plus and SuperTonic in one formula, and added many potent herbs and a large dose of acerola cherries to give you 1,000% (10 times) your needed Vitamin C—a powerful cold and flu fighting nutrient—all into one formula: Dr. Schulze’s Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”!

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The ultimate weapon to stop a cold or flu!

Cold & Flu “Sniper”

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Pure, Potent, & Proven

The purest, most potent, and proven herbal nutrition and remedies available anywhere.

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