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Benefits: Jojoba & Tea Tree

  • CLEANSES the skin on contact.
  • A great moisturizer that SOOTHES and softens your skin.
  • POWERFULLY effective, yet SAFE for sensitive areas.

Real People, Real Results

Awful Rash GONE!

I had an awful rash for about a year and a half. I went to the VA and tried some of their stuff and I also had a biopsy performed without any success. I then ordered the Jojoba & Tea Tree, applied it, and in 3 days the issue had gone away. It never came back!!!!

– Stan K., Elverson, PA

Itchy Burns Relieved!

I am currently OK, but when I was four I had a terrible accident. I got burned on my chest. When it started to scar, the itching was unbearable. They gave me tons of medications and creams to apply, but nothing seemed to work. My mom found the Jojoba & Tea Tree and that was the only thing that stopped the itching. It felt so fresh on my skin and it also helped with the healing process. When the doctor found out what I was using, he was in awe and told my mom to spread the word and give it to whomever might need it!

– J.R., Maywood, CA


Ingredients: Pure, Potent, Proven


For topical use only. Apply to the skin as needed. Rub in well.


FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Use only as directed. Consult a health professional before using if you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition. Stop use immediately if you experience any adverse reaction.



Organic Jojoba Oil,
Organic Tea Tree Oil,
and Organic Shea Butter

Other Ingredients:
Organic Unbleached Beeswax

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