Anti-I Formula - Dr. Schulze's Wound Cleanser -

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Benefits: Anti-I Formula

  • NEW brush-on cap coats the wound, not your clothes or the floor.
  • NEW improved formula seals the wound to keep dirt out.
  • DISINFECTS with 12 herbs and resins.

Real People, Real Results

Best Product I Have Ever Used!

I would like to comment on the Anti-I Formula. It is one of the BEST products that I have ever used. Applied it on open areas, and by the next day it was almost all gone! It is wonderful. I keep it on the shelf all the time, and would recommend it to anyone.

– Ethel G., Inverness, FL

No Need For Stitches!

I love this product! I sliced my finger with a vegetable peeler and immediately put the Anti-I on my open wound. It sealed the cut immediately. Within two days, there was no need for stitches.

– Teresa P., Pacific Palisades, CA

Thank you, Daddy!

Last week, my four-year-old daughter got her first bee sting taking a swimming lesson. I thought they took out the stinger, but the next night, my daughter woke me up crying that her finger was hurting. Her pinky was so swollen, it got bigger than her thumb!! I took out the stinger and put some Anti-I on it immediately. By the next day, I was quite relieved to watch her flex her pinky up and down. But hearing her say ‘thank you, Daddy’ was the best gift of all.

– M.L.

Completely Vanished!

I experienced random outbreaks on my hands during the winter. The wounds were so severe that each sore began to leak clear fluid. After using only two drops of Anti-I, they completely vanished after only five days of use. I tell everyone about the Anti-I formula, and now have many Dr. Schulze followers.

– Annette G., Greenville, SC


Ingredients: Pure, Potent, Proven


For topical use only. Brush on generously.


NOTICE: FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Use only as directed. Consult a health professional before using if you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition. Stop use immediately if you experience any adverse reaction.



Organic Garlic Bulb,
Organic Goldenseal root,
Wild Harvested Usnea Herb,
Wild Harvested Myrrh Resin,
Wild Harvested Ponderosa Pine Sap,
Wild Harvested Echinacea Angustifolia root,
Organic Echinacea Purpurea Seed,
Organic Tea Tree oil,
Wild Harvested Bayberry root Bark,
Organic Kelp Leaf,
Organic Dulse Leaf,
Organic Black Walnut Inner Hull,
Wild Harvested Habanero Pepper

Other Ingredients:
Organic grain alcohol content: 80-90%



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