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Journey To Health

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    Reward yourself with a 90-day journey to health and we will reward you with up to $50 off your 4th SFMC order*.

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    A nutrient-dense, easy to assimilate, pure product with 525% of “Energy” Vitamin B12, over 400% Vitamin B1 & B2, 300% of your daily B6, 200% of your B3, and over 100% of Vitamins A, C, E and B5!

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    Get 100% of your daily vitamin and mineral needs, with over 500% RDI of your ENERGY Vitamin B12, in only THREE tablets! The best “on-the-go” nutrition available!

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    The Ultimate


    The ultimate meal replacement: Complete protein, antioxidants, Omega 3 & 6, low calorie, vegan, gluten free, over 700% of your ENERGY Vitamin B12, 500% Vitamin C, and 100% of daily Vitamins A, B & E!

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    100% Plant Protein


    The only organic and vegan 100% plant protein concentrate, with 20 grams of easy to assimilate protein and only 105 calories per serving!

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    Healthy Snack


    The ultimate healthy snack! Ideal for daily nutrition, increased energy, diet & weight loss, and travel.

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Dr. Schulze’s SuperFood nutritional products are simply the best. The most potent food and herbal supplements available, period. Whether you are trying to heal your body, boost energy naturally, get optimum performance, or simply look and feel the best you ever have, Dr. Schulze’s line of SuperFood products are second to none. Each one is designed to blast your bloodstream with a rich supply of nutrients derived from the most potent plant foods on the planet, painstakingly selected by Dr. Schulze in his clinic to increase your energy, vitality and strength.




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  • *Stay as an active SFMC member for 3 months and get up to $50 in discount on your 4th SFMC order.
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  • Up to $50 in discount cannot be applied on any other Dr. Schulze order.
  • If SFMC membership is cancelled after joining the promo from December 4th 2018 – Jan 31st 2019, customer will not be eligible for up to $50 in discount on their 4th SFMC order.
  • SFMC shipment postponements or cancellations disqualify customers from the promotion.
  • Must follow all promo rules to qualify for the discount.

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