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Benefits: 5-Day LIVER Detox

  • COATS and PROTECTS your liver cells and helps to eliminate harmful, dangerous contaminants
  • Supports your body to DISSOLVE and REMOVE hardened sediments from the gallbladder
  • CLEANS your blood of unhealthy accumulated deposits
  • A CLEAN liver means you have all the ENERGY you need when you need it

Real People, Real Results

No More Pain!

I started Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day LIVER Detox and after the fifth day, I had no more stomach pain and the swelling went down. It has been two years with no problems with my gallbladder.

– Amelia S., Anaheim, CA

Immense Energy!

The Liver cleanse changed my life and gave me and my mom immense energy. Whenever I feel sluggish, I do the flush. I love it!

– B.G., Santa Monica, CA

Flushing Away!

I had three gallbladder attacks, I did the gallbladder flush and I have a medical report that reads, “No evidence of gallstones as noted on the ultrasound." Yes! I feel great and I decided to keep to Dr. Schulze's recommendation and will complete a flush every three months.

– Spring Y., Bonney Lake, WA

Saved My Life!

I took your L-GB formula, your Echinacea Plus, your SuperFoods, and to top all of that off I did your liver cleanse, these things saved my life.

– S.S., Santa Fe, NM


Our Products: Pure, Potent, Proven


This program is designed to make your 5-Day Liver Detox a simple and straightforward as possible. Click the image to view and print the Quick Start Guide.

5-Day LIver Detox Program Guide



L-GB Formula
Detox Tea
Detox Formula
Fresh Breath Plus
plus QuickStart Directions


For those doing the Advanced Food Program (see QuickStart Directions), Dr. Schulze's Potassium Broth is a great companion to all of his 5-Day Detoxes, and a nourishing broth year-round. Click on the printable recipe:

Potassium Broth

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