My personal commitment is to offer every American an OPTION to medical doctors, hospitals, surgery, chemical drugs and the physical, emotional and financial bankruptcy that this system of DISEASE MANAGEMENT causes. The alternative is called health! In fact, I like to call it Creating Powerful Health! It's a lot more fun, less costly than managing disease, and lets you live life to your fullest potential. It is why I have been leading this revolution for over 40 years!
- Dr. Schulze

Someone asked me the other day if my company or I had a mission statement, and I said, "I don't need one". There are two reasons for this...

First, I am so sick of politically-correct mission statements all about the environment or helping others, or promising change. I am not going to insult anyone's intelligence with some feel good crap that isn't worth the time to read.

For example: even though the oil companies' new television ads say that all they care about is helping the environment, who are they kidding? Why don't they just tell the truth and simply say that they are sucking the lubricant out of the planet and refining it, so we can drive cars. And this makes them trillions of dollars, causes wars, not to mention it is toxic and polluting.

Look, I own a car and I drive it. Sure, we need better, greener solutions. But can we cut the crap and just be honest?

What is the mission of my Revolution? The mission is YOU!

Sure, I am in the business to make money, but that is a side benefit to who I am and what I do.

Look, in the beginning, it was not about you, IT WAS ALL ABOUT ME. I started my investigation into Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine because I was dying. The medical doctors said I would be dead over 40 years ago, and I used what I learned to save my ass, so you can bet that I am VERY PASSIONATE about what I do.

Anyway, after I saved myself, I decided to study more and eventually teach what I learned so I could help others to heal themselves. This is MY PASSION, and it is what I KNOW and WHAT I DO BEST, so I am VERY PASSIONATE about Natural Healing!

So when I say "My Mission is You", what I mean is that being a doctor, well, I have ONE GOAL, and that goal is: You healing yourself of any dis-ease using natural methods; creating powerful health and then maintaining that health. That is my goal and that is my mission and that is what this whole revolution is all about.

You wouldn't think that this would be such a rare commodity these days, but in this world of modern medicine with medical doctors, drugs, and hospitals, to them, a patient cured is money lost. This is why a better name for modern health care would actually be disease maintenance, which is really what the practice of medicine is. After all, no one ever healed their diabetes by taking insulin or healed their bad backs with painkillers.

I have spent over 40 years investigating Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine, I have spent over 30 years teaching it, and my clinic spanned three decades where I helped tens of thousands of patients heal themselves. I have never forgotten even for one minute why I am doing this—what my focus is and what my goal is—and it is YOU!

I also loved teaching, and every summer I taught seminars and semesters at universities all over the world. I taught a lot of post graduates, which I loved, and I loved getting them back on track after years of study in medical school. Because, after almost a decade of study into anatomy, physiology, chemistry, biochemistry or even botany (not to mention a hundred thousand dollars in debt with student loans), they were so exhausted they could barely remember why they started on this path in the first place. So, I was always there to remind them that the entire reason behind EVERYTHING—THE ONLY REASON—is simply to help people get well.