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Benefits: Incurables Program

  • CLINICALLY-PROVEN with thousands of patients for a powerfully effective and life-changing impact.
  • Contains 18 of Dr. Schulze’s most POWERFUL foundational herbal formulas.
  • Three decades of clinical EXPERIENCE—now in a box.

Real People, Real Results

The Doctor Was Shocked!

I did the Incurables Program twice and went back to the doctor – he was shocked! As of 2016, I have 17 grandchildren and keep up with cleansing!

– M.S., West Chester, OH

You Are My Hero!

Two years ago, my sister showed up on my doorstep with a frantic look on her face. She was terrified at the sight of me. Long story short, I did the Incurables Program. You are my hero, Dr. Schulze.

– Jordan H.

72 & Feeling Great!

I lost 30 pounds and my life feels free! I have control of my life back and I feel alive and revitalized. It was a little rough at first, getting used to the regime of the program, but the results are amazing! Thank you for setting me free! I am 72 and I feel great!

— R.R., Houston, TX.

All Levels Normal!

Upon the suggestion of my son and daughter-in-law I followed the Incurables Program, with organic raw foods and juicing. One month later, my doctors told me that they must have misdiagnosed me. All levels were normal and nothing was wrong. It has been five years and my cholesterol has remained normal.

— Paola T.


Our Products: Pure, Potent, Proven



(2) SuperFood Plus (14-oz powder)
(1) Intestinal Formula #1 (90-ct)
(2) Intestinal Formula #2 (8-oz powder)
(1) Echinacea Plus (4-oz)
(2) L-GB Formula
(2) Detox Tea
(2) K-B Formula
(2) K-B Tea
(2) Detox Formula
plus complete instruction book, "There Are No Incurable Diseases"


There are no incurable diseases, book cover

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