“Tomorrow is what you BELIEVE and DO Today!” 

“You can heal yourself of ANYTHING, any illness or dis-ease. Just STOP doing what made you sick, and START doing what will Create Powerful Health.”

“Your FOCUS determines your FUTURE.”

“There are NO incurable diseases, NONE. Take RESPONSIBILITY, and be willing to CHANGE, and you can heal yourself of anything.

BLOCKAGE—Physical, Emotional and Spiritual— is the cause of ALL DIS-EASE.”

“Your body has a BLUEPRINT, a SCHEMATIC, of what perfect health is and is constantly trying to achieve this goal for YOU.”

“Your body has the ability to completely HEAL ITSELF of ANY disease... All it needs is your assistance.”

Getting well is EASY. It is getting sick that takes years of constant, dedicated hard work.”

“The main function of your body, is to constantly heal and repair itself; REPAIR YOU!

“STOP focusing on your disease, and START focusing on Creating Powerful Health! Your disease is not a curse, it is a GIFT, a BLESSING, It is what brought you to this new beginning of the greatest adventure in your life, to discover and create a new life, a much better life, and to Create a NEW YOU!