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Dr Schulze Half Blog

Dr. Richard Schulze: The Original Natural Health Revolutionary

Wisdom from one of the early pioneers of modern Natural Healing.

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Imagination, Nutrition & Loving Life!

Dr. Schulze brings you the “best of” his recent @TheHerbDoc Instagram videos!

PART 1: Imagination, great nutrition, and eating healthy all go together. Drop your fear and have fun in your kitchen!

PART 2: Super-C Plus! This may be one of my greatest inventions—Vitamin-C and Vitamin-C Complex, made from 100% foods and herbs, not synthesized Chinese Ascorbic acid poison. No processing, no concentrating, just blending God’s and Nature’s gifts. BUT MORE: Vitamin-C Complex nutrition has been on this planet since the beginning of time, but Ascorbic acid is just one of 100 other nutrients that Nature blends with Vitamin-C rich foods. Without all these other Vitamin-C Complex nutrients, you can’t digest, assimilate, and utilize Vitamin-C! Furthermore, the AMA even said that taking chemical Ascorbic acid is toxic and leads to disease, and I agree, considering where it’s made and the toxic chemicals it is made from! Don’t Panic, Go Organic!

PART 3: Happy Saturday! Love what you do! Love yourself!

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See you next week!



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