Dr. Schulze’s Defender Drink

The easiest, most delicious way to boost immunity!

Dr. Schulze’s Defender Recipe

In a Blender add:

Pour it in to get a clinically extreme dose of my immune-boosting Echinacea Blend, SuperTonic, 1,000% of your Vitamin-C Complex, and over a dozen additional immune boosting herbs.

Super-C Plus, 1 Level Teaspoon
This is a double dose, giving you an additional 1,000% of your RDA of Vitamin-C. You’re now at 2,000% not including the fresh fruit!

8 Ounces of ANY Juice
Mixed fresh citrus is best, and a touch of lemon or lime is awesome.

1/2 Cup of ANY Fruit
Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Blueberries are readily available, make it taste great, and add even more Vitamin-C. All fruits contain natural Vitamin-C.

4 Ounces Pure Water or Ice Cubes
This can be more or less depending on your taste. Ice cubes will cool this drink to soothe sore throats.