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June 2018

The Most Powerful
Detox Products


I want you to live strong, and live long. I want you to feel awesome so you have all the energy you need to do all the amazing and wonderful things you want to do in your life, and I want you here for as long as possible.

That is why every month, when I suggest my monthly health program in my SPECIAL REPORT, I also commit to offer you money saving incentives to make it even easier for you to Create Powerful Health.

Dr. Schulze

“I Had So Much Energy!”

A Whole New Life In Only 30 Days!

30-Day Detox
Detoxifies every major organ, helping you to lose weight and gain energy for more powerful and vibrant health. A complete life changer!

Now Only
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Jessica, H. in Bates City, MO...

“I did your full 30-Day Detox program before my husband and I got pregnant, and I’m so glad I did. I have been a vegan for 17 years, so I didn’t think the detox would be that big of a deal. It was incredible! I felt like I could run across the country, I had so much energy. Love it!!!!! The liver program was the hardest for me. My body really detoxed from that one. We got pregnant a few months after that and I am having a fantastic pregnancy. Feeling great. Thank you for all you do!”

“The Greatest Feeling Ever!”

L.B. in Los Angeles, CA...

“I am so glad someone told me about Dr. Schulze years ago! Last year, I did the Bowel, Liver, and Kidney Detoxes. I had already done green foods and a juice fast. At the end of the Kidney Detox, I PAINLESSLY and easily passed six kidney stones, right in my own bathroom. It was the greatest feeling ever! I’m now preparing another fast/detox this summer. Thanks Doc, as always!”

Outer Beauty Starts With Inner Beauty.
5-Day Kidney Detox
Every organ in your body depends on your kidneys. Keep your kidneys healthy and strong for a long and vibrant life!

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“Dr. Schulze is a Miracle Worker!”

An Essential Part of Every Detox!

Intestinal Formula #1
Dr. Schulze's premiere elimination product to promote regular and complete bowel movements.

Now Only
(250 ct.)
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L.M. in Van Nuys, CA...

“Life changing! For years I couldn’t figure out if the problem was not enough water or fiber in my diet. Increasing both never helped me become regular. Thanks to Intestinal Formula #1, now I know what it’s like to be “regular.” Thank you, Dr. Schulze!”

3 Powerfully Simple Products To
Begin Detoxing And Protecting Your Kidneys

R.C. in Los Angeles, CA...

“I had swollen lymph nodes under my arms and on my neck. And I got them all down to normal size with Detox Formula. Thanks Dr. Schulze!”

Sonja L. in Arlington, VA...

“As a result of time spent in hospital, my mother got a UTI and could not urinate. I had her try your K-B Formula. It helped my mother void on her own and be as comfortable as possible. Thank you, sincerely, Dr. Schulze!”

Jim S. in Denver, Co...

“For years I’ve been suffering from Kidney Stones. I was in excruciating pain and found it scary to even urinate. After only 3 months of using the K/B Tea, I passed stones. I can actually see them! Dr. Schulze is a miracle worker!”

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