Is Retained Waste Killing You?

The colon lies next to, touches, and even wraps around almost every major organ in your body, from your heart and lungs to your liver, kidneys, pancreas, and reproductive organs.

When the colon is impacted with extra retained waste, it swells putting pressure on nearby blood vessels, nerves and organs. Every day in my clinic patients were amazed at how their seemingly unrelated health problems would magically disappear after cleansing and regulating their bowel with my herbs.

After cleansing, my patients experienced everything from healthy colons, increased energy, clearer thinking, vibrant skin, and easier digestion, to calmer moods, balanced hormones, regular menstruation, stronger libido, improved circulation… the list was almost endless of all the ways bowel cleansing helped my patients to create powerful health.

Friends, even if your bowel is perfect, someone in your family - a relative or a very close friend - is suffering. Healing starts at home, so please dare to talk about it. Today, Americans have the highest incidence of bowel issues in the WORLD. Let’s heal America by getting people pooping again! Someone has to say it, or we will be a nation of colostomy bags and diapers!

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