For Immediate Results


One “SHOT” is all you need when you want to flush everything out of your entire gastro-intestinal system by the following morning!

Bowel Flush Shot


  • Flush the digestive nightmare out of your bowel by morning!
  • One “SHOT” is all you need!

The Senna, Equatorial Aloes, and Cascara Sagrada herbs make this a very strong formula designed to empty all the toxic food out of your bowel the very next morning.

It is also loaded with Hawaiian Yellow Ginger Rhizome, which helps drive everything in a downward direction from your mouth to your anus. It also contains Peppermint Spirits to increase the muscular contractions and empty all the fecal matter in your bowel (without causing spasms). It also contains Anise Seed, which will help relax the bowel and expel gas. Lastly, it contains my Herbal Anti-Parasite Complex, consisting of Agrimony, Black Walnut, Cinchona (a famous herb from South America that contains quinine and kills even the malaria parasite), Clove, Goldenseal and Thyme.