SuperImmunity SuperCharger
SuperImmunity SuperCharger

What Real Vitamin-C Can Do For You!

  • BOOST Immunity
  • REVERSE Disease & Aging
  • CREATE Collagen

The absolute best nutritional fuel for your immune system is Vitamin-C Complex!

Vitamin-C Complex is only found in FOOD. This natural Vitamin-C Complex contains hundreds of nutritional compounds your body needs, like Vitamin-C, Bioflavonoids, Hesperidin, Rutin and many others.

Ascorbic Acid is NOT real Vitamin-C.

It is a toxic, synthetic, man-made chemical used in almost every Vitamin-C supplement on the market. Ascorbic Acid is not found in nature, and it is not a food. It is created in a laboratory using genetically-modified corn sugar that has been mutated with extremely harsh and powerful toxic chemicals, like nail polish remover and bleach. No kidding!

China makes over 90% of the world’s Ascorbic Acid, and a single dose of this junk only costs a thousandth-of-a-cent!

Immune System

Nature’s Berry, Herbal & Fruit Vitamin-C Complex

Super-C Plus

Super-C Plus

  • Over 500% Vitamin-C
    COMPLEX per serving!
  • NO Ascorbic Acid, NONE!
  • NO Extracted, Isolated or
    Synthetic Vitamins!
  • NO Gluten, NO Sugar, NO Soy, NO Artificial ANYTHING!

Super-C Plus is the absolute highest source of natural Vitamin-C and the very important Vitamin-C Complex nutrients. It is 100% natural, made from 11 organically grown and wild-harvested herbs and foods.

NO chemicals and NO ascorbic acid: nothing is extracted, isolated, fortified or synthetic. Organic, Raw, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free.

Nutrient dense; the highest and most complete Vitamin-C Complex available anywhere! Assimilates into your body, blood, and cells in seconds.

Dr. Schulze's Super-C Plus Infographics