For Effective Cleaning

Gives Me Peace Of Mind!

During this crazy COVID-19 pandemic, the stores in my area are depleted of hand sanitizers. I was thrilled to see Dr. Schulze’s organic Hand Clean spray. I bought two so I could give my daughter one. It smells so good and makes my hands soft too. I use it to spray on doorknobs/handles too. Knowing it cleans without harsh chemicals gives me peace of mind. Thank you, Dr. Schulze!
— Wendy J. (via our website)

For Effective

Now in new, larger size to refill the spray bottles in your home, car, and office.

Organic Hand Clean

Organic Hand Clean

  • Over 70% Organic Botanical Ethyl Alcohol
  • Exceeds government standards for cleaning agents
  • 100% Organic essential oils to moisturize your hands