For Consistent Ease

For Consistent

The only 100% organic, herbal, fiber-rich, sugar-free and chemical-free formula that promotes easy bowel movements and helps maintain regularity.

HerbalMucil SHOT


  • Maintains regularity!
  • Reduces irritation and inflammation in your stomach and intestines!
  • 100% organic, herbal, sugar-free and chemical-free!

Here are four ways it works inside of your body...

1. Holds More Water. HerbalMucil Plus holds more water in suspension in your food waste, so it doesn’t get dried out or become too hard in your colon.

2. Mucilaginous and Slippery. It is very mucilaginous or “SLIPPERY,” which also aids in elimination.

3. Loaded with Fiber. It is loaded with pure plant “FIBER,” which again, makes for having a very comfortable and easy bowel movement.

4. Extra Push. It contains Whole “Leaf” Aloe Vera Cactus, which adds an “MILD EXTRA PUSH” to help you evacuate easily and completely.