Dr. Richard Schulze
Dr. Richard Schulze


Coronavirus, Protests, Violence, Sahara Dust Clouds, Economic Shutdown, Fourth of July Cancelled... What’s Next?


Get OUTSIDE, get more SUN* and FRESH AIR, get GROUNDED, get NAKED, BREATHE, LAUGH, have FUN, have SEX, and RELAX.

And when in doubt...

Focus On My 5 Steps

Build powerful health, defend against the stress of all this insanity, and change your life!

Step #1


Everyone needs a constant, rich, and easy-to-assimilate supply of nutrition in their body and blood at all times. If you want your body to repair and heal, this is critical. ALL Americans fall short of these minimal levels. Therefore, I supplied all of my patients with my SuperFoods - the richest, most nutrient-dense herbs and foods on the planet. LEARN MORE

This Month:

Step #2 Eliminate

Almost every American is constipated and eventually develops bowel disease. This retention of toxic waste poisons your body, depresses your immunity, and keeps you from self-repairing. Get super-nutrition IN and get the accumulated waste OUT—these are the first two of my five steps that will thrust your body into self-healing.

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Step #3


The stress of modern life beats you up, depleting and depressing your immune system. Your immune system is the most important system to protect and heal you. For most people, their immune system is limping if not almost dead. Supercharge your immune system and watch your body come alive. LEARN MORE

Step #4


No one would expect their car engine to run forever without some routine cleaning and maintenance like oil changes and radiator flushes. This is common sense. Routine preventative maintenance using my simple 5-Day Detoxes a few times each year created even more miracles in my clinic. LEARN MORE

Step #5


Using these formulas, I would get my patients to take care of their little problems—correcting imbalances and addressing specific issues—before they grew to full-blown problems. An ounce of prevention is much better than a pound of cure. LEARN MORE