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How To Get Well

This week, we continue with our new video series from Dr. Schulze’s 2017 Special Event, held at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey, California.

In this episode, Dr. Schulze talks about the fundamental shift in focus needed to Get Well. Typically it starts with simply taking your focus away from being sick!

He has seen many, many former patients and customers who developed so much momentum and strength with their diagnosis and disease that they forgot who they were in the process.

In the clinic, on their first visit, his patients would bring him folders and printouts filled with tests, diagnostics, x-rays and CAT-scans to prove how sick they were. He saw that throughout the process of ongoing doctor appointments, tests, and scans, his patients were living, breathing and slowly BECOMING their disease.

STOP! This is not the game you want to play! Shifting your focus and taking responsibility for your health literally makes the doctors’ prognosis invalid. Why? Because their prognosis is based on one thing: You being the average American.

Watch next week’s video to see exactly what being the “Average American” means and how to STOP being average…

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