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  • Is My Tonic Still Good or Does It Expire?

    Dear Dr. Schulze, does Eyebright Formulae expire if not used?

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  • When and where are you speaking next?

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I was at your “Crusade” in July 2005 (for my birthday). I traveled from Connecticut to California to hear you speak! It was amazing and well worth the trip! When will you be having another “Crusade”?

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  • Can you give me a second opinion?

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I recently visited my Naturopath MD for consultation on two issues for which I was sent to a radiologist and had x-rays done. My ND is currently on vacation and I’m waiting for his return to discuss the x-rays with me. I have a one-page report from the radiologist, which is hard to understand, and what I find on the Internet is scary. If I send you the report can you give me a second opinion regarding (1) my left knee pain and (2) my right hand calcification lump on my palm?

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  • How do I do your 5-Day BOWEL Detox?

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I purchased Intestinal Formula #1 a month or so ago. Now I just purchased Intestinal Formula #2. Please provide me the details, procedure, regimen and what I can expect in order to do the 5-Day BOWEL Detox. Thank you.

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  • How to stop Anemia and Build Iron Rich Blood

    Dear Dr. Schulze, our daughter had melanoma about 5 years ago. She would not do the chemo, she had the melanoma removed and I think only one or two lymph glands. Her problem now is that she cannot keep her iron up, (iron deficiency anemia). Therefore, she has to have iron infusions every so often. If you were in her shoes what would you do?

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  • Getting Children to use Herbal Formulae

    Dear Dr. Schulze, my girls are not yet used to the taste of the Children’s Echinacea. Is it okay to put it in some juice? Thanks,

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  • What Is Natural Healing?

    Dear Dr. Schulze, my friends have asked me to describe to them what Natural Healing is. I have my idea, but can you give me your answer?

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  • Cancer, SuperFood Plus and Juicing

    Dear Dr. Schulze, my father has Leukemia, and I wanted to know if he can take SuperFood. He is anemic and has a very low red-blood-cell count. I asked his medical doctor about nutrition and he shrugged his shoulders and then didn’t really give me an answer except he said he didn’t suggest using any herbs. Please let me know, my dad is getting weaker every day and the medical doctors say he doesn’t have long to live.

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  • Healthy Summer Tips

    Dear Friends, summer is here so lets get outside, have some fun and get healthy. In this video clip, I will tell you some secrets to getting an AWESOME TAN, without even sitting in the sun, that I was reminded of recently by some Brazilian swimsuit models. Also, I tell you a little bit about how the sun can actually reduce your risk of certain cancers. I also talk about how to get great looking hair this summer and some steamy talk about improving your sex life. So watch it and then let’s get outside!

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  • How the Liver Flush Actually Works

    In this video clip, I talk about my clinical Liver Flush drink. Don’t be confused. I sometimes call this the Liver Flush, the Gallbladder Flush or the Liver and Gallbladder Flush. Whatever I call it, I am always talking about the exact same drink, and the exact same program. I wanted to clear up some misconceptions about it, and also to let you how easy, wonderful and effective it is.

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