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Intestinal Formula #1

Brought Back From Death's Door!

ANSWER Dear Joe, I want you to know how much I appreciate your letter. For me, I never get tired of evangelizing the power of Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine, and I NEVER get tired of getting l...

Orange Juice Causes Cancer?

ANSWER Pat, WHOA! What garbage are you reading and where the heck are you looking? The Libertarians have a great statement: QUESTION AUTHORITY, which simply means to Question the AUTHOR. Personall...

Still Alive! Colitis & Pregnancy

ANSWER Dear Jennifer, First off, CONGRATULATIONS! For being alive 4 years AFTER the medical doctor said you would be dead! Welcome to the club, I am now 40 years past when the medical doctors said...

11 and Constipated Continued - How to Induce a Bowel Movement

ANSWER Dear Susan, Letters like yours make all of my hard work worth it. If I can save just one child the horror of bowel disease, or worse, the horror of the medical and surgical treatment of bowe...

11 and Constipated - Natural Remedies for Constipation

ANSWER Dear Mindy, Please forget the allergy testing, and keep your son away from these medical idiots! If they don’t know that a few simple herbs and foods will dramatically help your son, and cur...

The Dr. Schulze Pain Rule

ANSWER Dear Tom, The fact that you were having only three to four bowel movements a week tells me a lot about you. First, it tells me that your bowel habits are those of the Average American. Being...


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