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Intestinal Formula #3

Dr. Schulze's 8 Clinical Formulae Part II

Dr. Schulze's 8 Clinical Formulae Part II

This is Part II of an ALL-NEW DVD just released by Dr. Schulze, in which he discusses his 8 Clinical Herbal Formulae for Digestion and Elimination, including his 3 brand new formulae releases, Inte...

The Rules of Healing and Health

Dear C.J., I sure can, first get a copy of my CD, “GET WELL: How to Create Powerful Health” and listen to it. Side One is a message to you, and anyone who is on the path of healing and health illum...

Natural Healing, the Bottom Line

Dear Vicky, Natural Healing is a style of healing in which you assist your body increasing its powerful self-healing ability. This is done by creating a lifestyle where you eliminate those things t...

Overweight and Diseased

ANSWER Dear Tom, If you are grossly overweight, very unhealthy, have all of these high blood values, drink, smoke, don’t exercise and have already had one heart attack, well, statistically you are ...


Dear Louise, I would love to explain! When I say this, I simply mean that the greatest gift you can give to your parents, siblings, children, loved ones and friends is YOU, and to give this gift, y...

Can you give me a second opinion?

ANSWER Dear M., If you know any of my history regarding legalities, I definitely cannot give you a personal consultation, nor read any reports, but here is what I can tell you. Never read or listen...


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