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Immediate Response On Last Week's BLOG! And Don't Miss The Closing Letters!

Friends, Last week I responded to Lisa M's question about my SuperFood Plus, and some things she read about it on a website. I mainly responded to her about her faith, and how important it is for a...

Still Alive! Colitis & Pregnancy

ANSWER Dear Jennifer, First off, CONGRATULATIONS! For being alive 4 years AFTER the medical doctor said you would be dead! Welcome to the club, I am now 40 years past when the medical doctors said...

Weight Gain Mystery… SOLVED!

ANSWER Dear Lori, I have your answer. I extracted the following sentence out of your letter… “I have tried increasing my metabolism by eating 5-6 times a day and that's when this all started.” I be...

440 Pounds, Dying & Optifast Alternatives

ANSWER Dear Tom, First, before I even start, thank you for taking the Cayenne and the Protect Formulas. I agree with you and I will take it one step further, they are keeping you alive! OK, let’s s...

Raising Your Hormone Levels Naturally to Increase Fertility!

Dear Kathy, This is not a tall order. I had hundreds of patients in my clinic older than you, with lower levels of Follicle Stimulating Hormone and AMH, and not as healthy as you by any means, that...

My Clinic, My Patients & Natural Healing Including the Birth of SuperFood

My Clinic, My Patients & Natural Healing Including the Birth of SuperFood

This is a very special video. If you are into Dr. Schulze, and hearing some great stories about his early clinic, and some of his patients’ healing miracles, and also hearing some unknown stories a...


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