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  • Minimum Entry Requirement #1: NUTRITION IN

    Dr. Schulze just filmed this “Brand New” 7-Video Series, where he explains his most important Clinical Programs, Natural Healing Routines and Herbal Medicine. These programs and formulas were used on EVERY patient in his clinic, and furthermore helped 90% of his patients Create Powerful Health, even create their own Healing Miracles.

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  • Immediate Response On Last Week's BLOG! And Don't Miss The Closing Letters!

    Friends, last week I responded to Lisa M's question about my SuperFood Plus, and some things she read about it on a website. I mainly responded to her about her faith, and how important it is for all of us to listen to our inner voice, and follow this voice. Then, almost immediately, I received a response email from Jonathan Bechtel, the man who actually published the incorrect facts and immature comments regarding my SuperFood Plus on his website. His letter was so sincere, I decided to print it this week, and I commend him for writing it. Since I don't respond to people directly, I will add some responses to him right in his letter.

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  • 11 and Constipated

    Dear Dr. Schulze, My son has suffered with chronic constipation and partial rectal prolapse since he was four. He is now 11 and still having the same issues. He has been allergy tested and tried everything to try and get him to eat fruit and vegetables but he refuses and gags on everything. I did just order your Intestinal Formula #1. How much do you think I should give him daily? He is 11 and 60 pounds. Any other recommendations?

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  • My Clinic, My Patients & Natural Healing Including the Birth of SuperFood

    This is a very special video. If you are into Dr. Schulze, and hearing some great stories about his early clinic, and some of his patients’ healing miracles, and also hearing some unknown stories about the birth of his nutritional blender drinks and his SuperFood formula in the clinic, then you will love 30-minute up-close and personal moment with him. Great Natural Healing Principles and Evangelism!

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