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Eyebright Formula

  • I'm Too Skinny And It's Your Fault!!!

    Dr. Schulze reads an AWESOME and INSPIRING testimonial from a customer who just completed the 30-Day Detox Program with AMAZING HEALING RESULTS. Dr. Schulze also answers a question on eye diseases, explaining in detail how to use his Eyebright Formula.

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  • Eyebright, Eye Infections, Even Cataracts

    Dear Dr. Schulze, This isn't so much a question as it is a great testimony to a wonderful product you make available to us. I am a model/actress and just got done shooting an infomercial this week. A few days before the shoot, I had been dealing with some sort of sinus infection. I was taking your tonics, superfood, etc. and also started using the eyebright in the morning to clear any "eye boogies". Well, the day of my shoot the director asked if I wore contacts and when I said no, he commented on how clear and bright blue my eyes were. He said they just shined on camera. When I told him that I had been using a special herbal eye rinse, he wanted to know what it was and wanted to create an infomercial for it.

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  • Eyewash Directions

    Dear Dr. Schulze, how exactly do you use your Eyebright Formula? One friend told me to drink it, while another told me to put it into my eyes. Please explain.

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  • Eyewash Drama

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I have been plagued with bouts of Conjunctivitis and Eye Irritations and Infections most of my adult life. Last year during the holidays my ex-wife gave me a bottle of your Eyebright formula and a few of your books. Finally, I started taking your Eyebright and it didn’t help me either. I emailed my ex-wife to complain, who told me that I had to put it into my eyes, not drink it. The very next morning when I woke up my eye infection was completely gone! The painful itching, the burning, the infection, GONE! Is she correct and second did I do any damage to my eyes or to myself by using it undiluted directly into my eyes, or by drinking it? I am so relieved that my eye infection is gone, and hasn’t come back in two weeks, which is a record, but I am also worried that I may have damaged my eye not knowing how to use the medicine correctly?

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