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  • Avoiding Surgery & Removing Gallstones Naturally!

    A new customer refuses gallbladder surgery, after not getting any relief from other alternative treatments. In this video, Dr. Schulze describes his natural treatments and herbal medicines for removing gallstones, and explains exactly how his Liver & Gallbladder Flush works to flush the stones out of the gallbladder. He also explains his “herbs before knives” statement. Finally, he tells about a hepatic surgeon that changed his mind about performing gallbladder surgery and now follows Dr. Schulze’s programs.

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  • The Dr. Schulze Pain Rule

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I have been doing your Bowel Detox for a week now. My question is this: about four days into this detox I started having lower back pain and yesterday started having pain in my abdomen. Is it possible that the Intestinal Formula #1 is breaking loose toxins in my colon and causing this pain? Also I had gallbladder pain this week. I have your 5-Day Liver Detox to do after I do the bowel. So last night I mixed up some of the Detox Tea and drank two cups. Woke up this morning with no pain. What can you tell me about the pain I am experiencing in my back and abdomen?

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  • Why This Liver Flush Is The Best!

    In this 5-minute video, I was asked about my Liver Flush Routine. So, I answer talking about my 5-Day Detoxes—why five days, Liver and Gallbladder Flushing, other Liver Flush drinks, why mine is different and more!

    For specific instructions on my Liver/Gallbladder Flush Drink or my 5-Day LIVER Detox program, see my answer "Say Goodbye to Gallstones!"

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  • Say Goodbye To Gallstones!

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I have been diagnosed with gallstones for over a year. Two weeks ago I did the liver/gallbladder cleanse and went to the doctor for an annual ultrasound, which showed that I still had a gallbladder full of stones. I followed the cleanse exactly as written. What do you suggest I do now, because I really do not want my gallbladder removed?

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  • Making the Detox Tea for the 5-Day LIVER Detox

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I am doing the liver cleanse. The instructions for making the detox tea says to put 2 tablespoons of herbs in 20 ounces of distilled water but it seems to me that if you need to drink 1-2 cups, 1-2 times daily you need to do more than that per day. Am I reading this correctly?

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