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Children’s Echinacea

  • Preventing Childhood Colds And Flu

    Dr. Schulze answers letters from two moms who are both worried about seasonal colds and flu with their children. He talks about the failures of the traditional medical Flu Vaccine, and gives details on healthier options, like his Echinacea Plus and Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”.

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  • Childhood Immunizations

    Anyone who is having a dilemma whether or not to give immunizations to their children should watch this video!

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  • Children's Colds, Ear Infections and Childhood Dosages

    Dr. Schulze always warns about NOT letting medical doctors put names on any group of symptoms that your kids have (or adults for that matter). This woman's child has had a persistent cold, infection and ear infections. She had her very young son undergo too many medical and drug interventions from antibiotics to immunoglobulin injections. Instead, kids need great food and juice, plenty of rest and the herbs that Dr. Schulze suggests in this video!

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  • Getting Children to use Herbal Formulae

    Dear Dr. Schulze, my girls are not yet used to the taste of the Children’s Echinacea. Is it okay to put it in some juice? Thanks,

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