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  • Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Information & Treatment

    Dear Dr. Schulze, HHHHEEEEELLLLLPPPP! I’ve got poison ivy all over my body. OK, I probably should not have been lying naked in the yard last week but it was soooo hot and amazing, I could not resist. PLEASE HELP ME. I’ve got it almost everywhere. Please help me stop my itching, burning, scratching and crying!

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  • Hostility Amplified, But Allergies Simplified!

    Dear Dr. Schulze, you're dead wrong the first step in getting well is getting rid of your allergic actions aka allergies gitting rid of side effects aka sensitivities. Many healthy foods and herbs made me really sick and almost killed me until i studied and started taking nettle leaf, reshi mushroom and eating raw honey in the honey comb with the wax bee pollen bee propelis royal jelly in it in its natural form. Please tell people and sell an anti-allergic reaction detox kit. It's the first step in getting well. These herbs can get rid of peanut strawberry blueberry allergies. Get rid of your allergies before they get rid of you or your customers. You should also carry tinctured pre diluted wild oregano oil - it's the most powerful antibacterial in nature. Throw your anti-infection tincture in the trash!

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  • Gum Abscess Treatment

    Dear Dr. Schulze, my dad is fairly healthy, and BTW he thanks you for his SuperFood Tablets and Protect Formula. He does have problems with his gums though, and occasionally gets a gum infection. The dentist is suggesting to pull all of his teeth out and to do implants, but he would love to keep his teeth, and save the $20,000. Is there anything that I can do for him? Thanks in advance.

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  • INTRODUCTION First Aid At Home With Dr. Schulze

    Video Length: 3:02

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  • Dr. Schulze Speaks About Dealing With Trauma

    Video Length: 5:55

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  • Dr. Schulze's First Aid Tools

    Video Length: 9:42

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  • Dr. Schulze's Essential Herbal Medicines For Your First Aid Kit

    Video Length: 12:42

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  • Treating Bangs, Bumps, Bruises And Blunt Trauma

    Video Length: 12:46

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  • Treating Burns

    Video Length: 8:38

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  • Treating Cuts And Open Wounds

    Video Length: 25:57

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