New Summer Specials For July!


  • NEW Video Series: Fecal Matter Transplants?

    This year 3 MILLION Americans will be infected with C-diff, a very dangerous and even lethal intestinal bacteria that infects people after they take a course of antibiotics. 16,000 will DIE! The remainder will have severe diarrhea. Since medical doctors won’t stop their indiscriminant usage of antibiotics, C-diff infections are on the rise. But don’t worry; medical doctors think they have the answer. They are now taking fecal matter out of supposedly healthy Americans and TRANSPLANTING it into people with C-diff infections. I kid you not!

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  • Super Dogs with SuperFood Plus

    Dear Dr. Schulze, is your Super Food Plus good for my dogs (female Golden Retriever & male Rottweiler)? I don't know if the breed or sex even matters, but I thought I’d throw that in. My primary concern is the yeast.

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