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Heart Disease

  • Be Loving But DON'T Compromise

    Here is another Dr. Schulze speed round where he gives his direct "bottom line" illumination to four customers' questions in 7 minutes. He answers everything from lung transplants and colon/liver/stomach cancer to fibromyalgia, auto immune diseases and Vitamin D deficiency.

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  • Medicinal Herbs: Hawthorn

    A surprise entrance, Italian style, Dr. Schulze introduces you to his “personal” constitutional herb, and one that helped to save his life and rebuild his heart. This is also one herb that he takes EVERY DAY, using his Heart Tonic every morning in his SuperFood Plus drink and then taking his PROTECT Formula two times every day.

    With the #1 Cause of Death in America, Europe and most of the industrialized world being Heart Attacks and Coronary Artery Disease . . . , This Herb Is The ANTIDOTE!

    There is a surprise “herb” ending also. Enjoy!

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  • Healing Heart Disease Naturally

    Dr. Schulze answers a question from a woman whose 88-year-old father recently had a heart attack, along with congestive heart failure, kidney failure, lung weakness and shortness of breath. She wants to avoid Heart Surgery, Dialysis, and the usual American Medical Nightmare for her father, and is now trying to heal him using a healthier food program. But… Dr. Schulze sets her straight and gives her the bottom line on how to really heal her Dad!

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  • Atrial Fibrillation: Natural Treatments

    Atrial Fibrillation, or irregular heartbeat, is one of the most common cardiac arrhythmias there is, affecting a huge number of adults. Dr. Schulze explains what it really is, what causes it, and how you can get your nervous system back under control by changing your diet, decreasing your stress and adding a few important herbal tonics to your daily regimen!

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  • Dr. Schulze's Classic Videos: Creating My Own Healing Miracles

    OK, here is a blast from the past from about 15 years ago. This is the true story of the health challenges that I faced personally, from my personal “DEATH SENTENCE”, and how I refused medical treatment and put my own ass on the line in a life or death situation when I was only 16 years old (including some rare pictures of my injuries). This awesome video clip explains why I am not a “virgin sex counselor”. Most important, this is what I discovered to heal my diseases and injuries, and keep me off of the operating table on three different occasions.

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  • 12-12-12 Will the World END TODAY?

    Dear Friends, life is a “limited time offer”, so take the time RIGHT NOW, to manage your time better, to spend more quality time with your family, your loved ones, and spend more time doing the things that you love to do. Don’t have all the regrets on your deathbed that my patients had. It is not too late, I don’t think the world will end today, but for a moment, let’s pretend it will. And, when you come up with any regrets, listen to them, and make a plan of how to live your life, paying more attention to what is really important to you.

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  • 1.5-Minute Cold & Flu Reminder!

    This 90-second video from a few years back may be the shortest I’ve ever done—this is not my style at all! How did I ever say all of this in 90 seconds? Regardless, this is a quick video blast on exactly how to use my Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT” to effectively PREVENT and TREAT colds and influenza. Now do your homework and stay healthy!

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  • Brought Back From Death's Door!

    Dear Dr. Schulze, My question is simple. Why are you not featured on Good Morning America, or 20-20 or 60 minutes? I try to figure it out for myself, and the only conclusion I can reach is perhaps if the world at large, through mega-media learns about you, I won't be able to get my SuperFood or anything else you have, because of the flash mob result!

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  • Can I Use Drugs?

    Friends, the following is an answer to a question from a customer, but it is such an important issue—and a question that I get asked by many of you EVERY WEEK—that I took a little more time on it and turned it into a valuable lesson for all of you. I hope this helps many of you make this very important decision.

    — Dr. Schulze

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