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  • Dr. Schulze & Dr. Tudor

    Dr. Tudor talks about treating a patient with prostate disease using my program to avoid prostate removal. He also talks about his allergic reaction to a bee sting, and treating it with Cayenne and Lobelia (Nerve Tonic). And, he also speaks about how life can be prolonged with good nutrition, getting the waste out and eliminating stress. This short video has a powerful Natural Healing message! Enjoy!

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  • Gluten, SuperFood & Celiac Disease

    Dear Dr. Schulze, is the SuperFood Plus powder gluten free and if so, why is it not labeled as such? I have not seen you discuss autoimmune challenges much either. Is there a reason for this? What are your thoughts on reversing all these "autoimmune manifestations"? Have you done a leaky gut syndrome blog? What about healing the nervous system, neuropathies, dizziness, etc.? Maybe that takes longer? I have tried a ton of protocols/eating approaches and have always been very motivated to give my body what it needs. Thank you for answering my questions.

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  • Hostility Amplified, But Allergies Simplified!

    Dear Dr. Schulze, you're dead wrong the first step in getting well is getting rid of your allergic actions aka allergies gitting rid of side effects aka sensitivities. Many healthy foods and herbs made me really sick and almost killed me until i studied and started taking nettle leaf, reshi mushroom and eating raw honey in the honey comb with the wax bee pollen bee propelis royal jelly in it in its natural form. Please tell people and sell an anti-allergic reaction detox kit. It's the first step in getting well. These herbs can get rid of peanut strawberry blueberry allergies. Get rid of your allergies before they get rid of you or your customers. You should also carry tinctured pre diluted wild oregano oil - it's the most powerful antibacterial in nature. Throw your anti-infection tincture in the trash!

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  • I am Allergic to Garlic

    Dear Dr. Schulze, I am allergic to garlic and have not taken any of the Echinacea Plus because of that. Do you think if I just take a little and build it up I will eventually be able to tolerate it?

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