• Dr. Schulze’s Cold & Flu Message!

    To kick-off 2017, Dr. Schulze requested that we repost this short video on his simple and effective programs to both PREVENT or TREAT any wintertime infection!

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  • New Year’s Message!

    This week, Dr. Schulze shares his message for the New Year.

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  • Dr. Schulze’s Christmas Message!

    This week, Dr. Schulze shares his powerful Christmas message on LOVE, and gives you some great ways you can start being more loving to yourself RIGHT NOW.

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  • Never Suffer Dining Out!

    Dr. Schulze's focus each week is to help you have a healthy and long life, to do all the things you want to do, and to do them for as long as possible!

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  • Taking Your Herbs Made Ridiculously Easy!

    This week, Dr. Schulze shares a quick and easy tip for taking your herbal formulas.

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  • DEMO: My Cold & Flu Smoothie!

    This week, Dr. Schulze shows you his most simple and powerful way to stay protected from colds and flu this season.

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  • No Appendicitis!

    This week, Dr. Schulze comes to you from his kitchen with his powerful tips and remedies to make it through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

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  • Underwater Fun with Dr. Schulze!

    This week, we come to you from under the sea on Dr. Schulze's latest scuba expedition with friends and family.

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  • Final Thoughts

    This week, Dr. Schulze gives his final thoughts as we wrap-up his latest video series.

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  • Q&A: Auto-Immune Disease

    This week, Dr. Schulze answers a customer question on auto-immune disease.

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