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Eyebright, Eye Infections, Even Cataracts

ANSWER Dear Mary, Thanks for your great testimony. Your eyes are stunning, and so are you! My herbal Eyebright Formula that you used as an eyewash, is a formula that many people forget about, but n...

Lung Cancer Gone! Thyroid Question?

ANSWER Dear Shirley, I am sorry for your recent loss, but I celebrate your husband’s ADDITIONAL 13 YEARS! I know what it takes to hold someone’s hand, and help them, and keep their spirits high, an...

Eczema Healed & The Cure For All Disease

ANSWER Dear Erin, Thanks so much for your awesome letter about your little boy. You are a GREAT MOM! I am glad you got over your fear and tried the Natural approach. And more than that, I am really...

Don't Be A Wimp

Dear Daniel, The only reason I make it sound easy is that I have been following this program for 44 years, so it does come like second nature to me. But it's just a matter of getting used to it, an...


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