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Kidney Stones Gone! Plus Avoiding Genetic Diseases

Dear Jan, First… YES!!!!! Dissolving all of your Kidney Stones—YES, Great Job! And with NO PAIN, that’s what I like to hear, and that’s exactly what my stone dissolving routine is designed to do, d...

Kidney Stones, Horrible Pain and My Natural Solution

ANSWER Dear Tony, I remember as a young kid, hearing my father screaming in agony in the bathroom. When I opened the door, he was semi-conscious lying on the bathroom floor, covered in sweat, and t...

Bladder Tumor, Gone!

ANSWER Dear Tracie, GREAT JOB, dissolving your daughter’s tumor and healing her infections. GREAT MOM, too! And GREAT Daughter! She is an inspiration to all of us. The 5-Day Kidney & Bladder De...