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Diapers to Dating - How to get rid of UTI without drugs/antibiotics!

ANSWER Dear Carrie, Thank you for sharing your amazing healing adventure. I am very proud of you for not buying into your negative medical diagnosis and prognosis, and changing your life and creati...

Eyewash Directions

ANSWER Dear Janice, I can’t legally tell you to or even advise you to put my Eyebright herbal extract into your eyes. It is for internal consumption only. But the following is how I personally use ...

Eyewash Drama

ANSWER Dear Brian, I apologize for any drama and trauma that was caused by my lack of clarity. I can assure you, that you DID NOT do any damage to yourself by drinking my Eyebright Formula, nor put...

Healed My Cancer, Now What?

ANSWER Dear Mike, Well first off, CONGRATULATIONS! You said that you watched your neighbor go through a GRUESOME death from Prostate Cancer, who decided to follow conventional medical treatment for...


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