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Is Detoxification “Hip”?

Dear Julia, You sound a bit sarcastic, even a bit angry—all signs of needing a detoxification. Sarcasm and anger will NOT get you what you want out of life, and worse, they promote disease. Love, J...

Colon Cancer “ALL CLEAR” Breast Cancer GONE

ANSWER Dear Kaitlin, In my clinic I had patients with EVERY type of bowel disease from polyps to colon cancer, and I watched as they avoided the medical doctors’ knives, radiation and drugs, and th...

Medical Doctor Meltdown WARNING!

The following letter from a reader contains language that many would find offensive. Since I do not edit or tamper with the emails that are submitted to me via my BLOG site, and I do not alter the ...

Brought Back From Death's Door!

ANSWER Dear Joe, I want you to know how much I appreciate your letter. For me, I never get tired of evangelizing the power of Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine, and I NEVER get tired of getting l...


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