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Gluten, SuperFood & Celiac Disease

ANSWER Dear Dan, First, I am glad that you asked this question, as I have had HUNDREDS of questions asking me if there is any Gluten in the SuperFood Products, especially over the last few months. ...

Pancreatic Cancer, Chemo & Carrot Juice

ANSWER Dear Laura, MEDICAL TREATMENT The medical prognosis for your husband is extremely bad. (Diagnosis is the guessing of what disease your husband has and Prognosis is the guessing of what will...

The Dr. Schulze Pain Rule

ANSWER Dear Tom, The fact that you were having only three to four bowel movements a week tells me a lot about you. First, it tells me that your bowel habits are those of the Average American. Being...

Cancer, Genetics & Lifestyle

ANSWER Dear Rhonda, I will answer your questions in two parts—first, “Why You” and second, “What To Do”… Why You? Your first question is how is this possible, that you developed breast cancer after...

Detox Dilemma

Dear Judith, Your question is perfect and very timely, as I currently have thousands of my customers beginning one of my Detox Programs, along with many of my other programs, as part of their New Y...


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