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More On Prostate Cancer – Fighting It Naturally!

ANSWER Dear Brenda, Hmmmmmm… “My Husband has Prostate Cancer” Hmmmmmm… “We” have done 90% of your products and advice” Hmmmmmm… “Thank You for helping to keep my husband out of the hospital” Hmmmmm...

Prostate Cancer, Radiation & Viagra

ANSWER Dear Abigail, The Answer is YES! But it is NOT quite that simple. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Sex! It feels great and it is great for you, physically, emotionally and spiritually, but first t...

440 Pounds, Dying & Optifast Alternatives

ANSWER Dear Tom, First, before I even start, thank you for taking the Cayenne and the Protect Formulas. I agree with you and I will take it one step further, they are keeping you alive! OK, let’s s...