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Healing A Broken Arm

Dear Cheryl, YES, YES and YES. The Deep Tissue Oil and Ointment would loosen things up, speed-up the healing process and I do have more suggestions. First, whenever you have fractured or broke...

Arterial Stents and Heart Disease

Note to readers: A “stent” is simply a medically placed self-expanding tube that is placed in any vessel that is clogged or collapsing. In Dale's case, they were placed in his coronary arteries, th...


Dear A.Z.R., My first suggestion is my Nerve Tonic. Simply put, this is a very powerful sedative and antispasmodic that works great for insomnia. I suggest taking a hot bath or shower before bed, a...

Using Organic and Wild-Harvested Herbs

ANSWER Dear Suzanne, My answer is very simple and to the point. Everyone has their focus. Many herbal companies' focus is to make 100% organic herbal formulas. Mine is not. Coming from the clinic, ...

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy and strong

ANSWER Tom, Well, let me tell you, because I just did it this morning. The best way to use the Tooth & Gum is to get a water pick. Get yourself a water pick and fill it with distilled water, pu...

Emergency Gallbladder Treatment

ANSWER Dear Tammi, Below is my Emergency Gallbladder Treatment Program for anyone who has an attack... 1. Stop eating all food immediately, which is a good idea with any acute illness. Take 4 dropp...

Can a person with Candida take SuperFood Plus?

ANSWER Dear Marti, First, for anyone not familiar, Candida Albicans is a fungus that occurs naturally inside the human body, especially in your intestines, but when your immune system isn't working...

The Power of Visual Affirmations

Dear Shirley, As you know, I have a million stories to tell you about my patients’ successes at losing weight and getting healthy. And, you know my bottom line… Losing weight is all about the numbe...

My Dog Has Lymphatic Cancer

NOTE: Many people who don't have pets, also don't understand why I take the time to answer questions from pet owners while their relatives are dying. It is a simple answer-the cure is the same for ...



Powerful Health

There Are NO Incurable Diseases

Dr. Schulze's 30-Day Program is a strong, detoxifying flush that eliminates toxic build-up. His program also boosts the immune system, enabling the body to heal itself of any and all disease.


This book explains why you don't have to panic and rush to make a costly, life-changing or even life-threatening decision. It includes Dr. Schulze's TOP 10 Game-Changing Strategies that he used in his now famous clinic to help his patients completely heal themselves naturally without doctors, drugs, or hospitals.

Cold & Flu Manual

This manual is my life's work so far in the field of colds, influenza and immune-building health. It is a compilation of my most effective, natural prevention tips, along with my most powerful natural treatments and herbal medicines to combat ANY cold or influenza, and stop it DEAD in its tracks.

20 Powerful Steps To A Healthier Life

Inside this book are 20 very simple ideas, some so simple you will be shocked. Yet, put into practice, each one of them was powerful and effective enough to change his patients' lives, heal their diseases, and create vibrant health. Following these steps can change your life, too!

Detoxification & Cleansing

Detoxification: Volume One

Learn everything you want to know about Detoxification and Cleansing from one of the world's leading authorities on Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine.

Detoxification: Volume Two

Inside this book, Dr. Schulze explains in detail his 24-Hour BOWEL Detox, 5-Day BOWEL Detox, 5-Day LIVER Detox and 5-Day KIDNEY Detox. And, most importantly, how to DO each of these POWERFUL programs!

Create Powerful Health: 5-Day BOWEL Detox

Inside, you will clearly see that the real cause behind the majority of sickness and disease in America is the retention and storage of toxic, poisonous waste in our colon and the infrequency of it emptying. I will show you how cleansing your colon will make the biggest healing difference in your life and create powerful lasting health and vitality.

Create Powerful Health: 5-Day LIVER Detox

Inside this book, I show you how cleansing and detoxifying your liver and gallbladder will make the biggest healing difference in your life and create powerful, lasting health and vitality.

Create Powerful Health: 5-Day KIDNEY Detox

Inside this book, you will discover how kidney and bladder disease—a growing epidemic in America—is so easy to prevent and so simple to heal, NATURALLY, with my powerfully effective programs. The very easy and simple programs in this book can change your life.

Trauma, First Aid, and Survival

Summer Survival Guide

My clinic was always packed in the summer, because (unlike most natural doctors) I TREATED EMERGENCIES. Inside this booklet, I tell you all the common summer sicknesses and injuries that I had to deal with, and what I used to relieve the suffering to help my patients heal themselves.

Home Trauma and First Aid Book

I can't urge you enough to build your own natural first aid and home trauma kit by going to your local pharmacy and using my herbal medicines, and having it on hand.

Blog Compendiums

Ask Dr. Schulze's 2012 Blog Posts Volume One

A collection of Natural Healing questions, answers, commentaries, and wisdom taken directly from Dr. Schulze's Official BLOG Site during the FIRST half of 2012.

Ask Dr. Schulze's 2012 Blog Posts Volume Two

A collection of Natural Healing Questions, Answers, Commentaries and Wisdom taken directly from Dr. Schulze’s Official BLOG Site during the SECOND half of 2012.

Ask Dr. Schulze

A yearly collection of Natural Healing Questions, Answers, Commentaries and Wisdom taken directly from Dr. Schulze’s Official BLOG Site.

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