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Monthly Archives: August 2015

  • Fresh Breath for Digestive Emergencies!

    In this week’s 2-minute video, Dr. Schulze tells you how he carries his Fresh Breath around, how he uses it after meals, and how you can use it to heal any Digestive Emergency!

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    In this week’s video, Dr. Schulze explains how he got run over on the "Information Highway". Nowadays, so many people feel life is going by way too fast. Listen to Dr. Schulze as he exposes a few of the reasons people are feeling this way.

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  • Summertime CUTS & SCRAPES

    It's summer, so get outside!

    Along with summertime play come CUTS and SCRAPES, and this video shows you how to treat them at home.

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  • 500,000 Kids Injured EVERY YEAR!

    Friends, embarrassingly even more medical doctors contacted me telling me I was wrong about your tonsils. So I dug out my immune books, just to close this subject once and for all, and it was even worse than I had stated!

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