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Monthly Archives: May 2015

  • NEW Video Series “3 Minutes or LESS”: Introduction

    Welcome to my new “3 Minutes or LESS" video series! With only three minutes each week, I can help you Change Your Life, Heal Disease and Create Powerful Health!!!

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  • ABP Customer Testimonials

    Customers share their heartfelt and amazing results and experiences using Dr Schulze’s products. Watch now and see how their stories will inspire you to "Create Powerful Health Naturally" in your own life. Enjoy!

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  • VIP Conclusion

    Dr. Schulze shares his final thoughts and healing wisdom with a capacity crowd at the American Botanical Pharmacy store.

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  • Customer Questions on Diabetes and Colon Problems

    Before a capacity crowd at the American Botanical Pharmacy store, Dr. Schulze answers questions from a customer about Diabetes and colon inflammation.

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