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Monthly Archives: March 2015

  • 5 Easy Steps to Create Powerful Healing!

    Before a capacity crowd at the American Botanical Pharmacy store, Dr. Schulze explains his “5 Easy Steps” and how his new 2015 Herbal Products Catalog reflects these!

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  • Dabbling With Herbs after Chemotherapy?

    Filmed in front of a capacity crowd at American Botanical Pharmacy, Dr. Schulze shares a letter from a woman that has had seven rounds of chemotherapy for breast cancer, while lightly experimenting with herbs and Natural Healing. Now with the cancer spreading to her liver, she asks about detoxing.

    In his own upfront, no pulled punches, get to the bottom line style, Dr. Schulze explains that herbs and Natural Healing have to be used with the same forcefulness as this woman approached her diseases medically.

    “I want people to IMMERSE themselves in Natural Healing! You have to CHANGE your life!” — Dr. Schulze

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  • Don’t Turn Disease ON!

    Don’t Turn Disease ON!
    While Science and Medicine has been searching for decades, trying to find ways to turn disease OFF, I have devoted my life to discovering ways to live healthy, to not turn disease ON in the first place!

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    My Ten Commandments!

    When speaking recently in Los Angeles to a small group of customers at the American Botanical Pharmacy Store, Dr. Schulze added how his “Ten Commandments” were also an important part in achieving his goals. And, how these are for everyone to assimilate into their daily lives!

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