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Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • Preventing Childhood Colds And Flu

    Dr. Schulze answers letters from two moms who are both worried about seasonal colds and flu with their children. He talks about the failures of the traditional medical Flu Vaccine, and gives details on healthier options, like his Echinacea Plus and Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”.

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  • A Father with Colitis

    In this video, Dr. Schulze talks to a woman who is trying to save her father with Colitis, and save him from the medical doctors and their treatments. Instead, he gives this man a list of numerous herbs, oils, and foods that will STOP the INFLAMMATION in his colon.

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    Every year from October to March, cold and flu season is upon us! Back in 2009, Dr. Schulze recorded this important flu-fighting information during the Swine Flu Epidemic, but these "7 Cold & Flu Busting Steps" that Dr. Schulze outlines in this video apply EVERY YEAR.

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  • Reverse the Aging Process!

    This week Dr. Schulze talks to a man about his joint pain. He discusses how to constantly upgrade his lifestyle to offset any of the negatives of aging. He also describes how to create a better QUALITY of life so you can PREVENT disease, FEEL GREAT and have tons of ENERGY.

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