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Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • Turning Up Your Intensity And Avoiding Kidney Dialysis!

    This week Dr. Schulze answers a question from a man who wants to get off his regimen of Kidney Dialysis three times a week and has purchased the Incurables Program. Dr. Schulze explains that the prognosis for this man is very bad unless he “TURNS UP THE INTENSITY” and pulls out all the stops with a natural diet.

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  • Overcoming A Stroke and Creating A Miracle (Plus More!)

    Dr. Schulze answers a question from a woman about her husband who has just had a life-altering massive stroke.

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  • Cleansing Vs. Chemotherapy

    This week Dr. Schulze answers a letter from a man who has lost several relatives after they received chemotherapy. Dr. Schulze explains that chemotherapy KILLS, not just diseased cells in your body, but healthy ones, too! And, he also explains how changing your life—what you eat, how you live, how you exercise, and much more—can help you overcome ANY disease!

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  • NO GLUTEN In My SuperFood!

    Wheat GRASS—YES! Wheat…NO! Wheat Grain…NO! Gluten…ABSOLUTELY NOT! There is a BIG difference and Dr. Schulze explains this in his video.

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  • Avoiding Childhood Bowel Problems!

    This week Dr. Schulze answers a worried mom’s questions about her 10 year old daughter’s bowel infection, and also talks about childhood constipation and diarrhea. Powerful advice from Dr. Schulze on keeping your child’s bowel movements regular!

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