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  • Medicinal Herbs: St. John's Wort

    In this latest installment of his "Medicinal Herbs" video series, Dr. Schulze discusses the magical plant, St. John's Wort, and its amazing healing properties—which go far beyond its uses today.

    He begins his story in ancient Greece, and works his way to the Renaissance and modern times, sharing each and every known phytochemical found in this plant that makes it so powerfully effective. He then gives you the numerous ways to use it to repair the body, and ends with telling you which clinical herbal formulas contain this magical herb...and you may be surprised.


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  • Medicinal Herbs: Introduction

    Dr. Schulze just filmed this video on Monday afternoon (two days ago) and sent it to us to post at his BLOG site IMMEDIATELY!

    This is Dr. Schulze's NEW Summer Video Series he is filming in Tuscany, Italy about medicinal herbs—their origins, historical and modern medicinal uses, phytochemical breakdowns, the latest clinical studies—and much more!

    These are the medicinal herbs that grow right in your own backyard in America! Your grandparents used these herbs and you should know them and use them, too. So watch this all-new video series for great herbal stories, clinical stories, pearls of wisdom, and lots of FUN with Dr. Schulze.


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  • Healing Multiple Sclerosis

    In this video, Dr. Schulze answers many questions regarding his SuperFood Plus herbal formula and products. He also reminds you that the body has the amazing ability to HEAL ITSELF of ANY DISEASE, ANY ILLNESS—ANYTHING, even Multiple Sclerosis—as you will hear from one customer who did exactly that!

    And P.S. – Don’t forget to watch Dr. Schulze feeding his dogs SuperFood Plus tablets – they love it!

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  • Nutritional Survival Tactics

    Last year, I was on the road again and I remembered the many questions I get from people who travel to big cities in America, and around the world, and tell me they cannot find healthy or vegetarian food. HOGWASH!

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    So here's a Video "Blast from the Past" when I visited London in search of some Great Vegetarian Chow! I found it, along with a few surprises, and even some singing, dancing and partying at the end. I didn't survive, I THRIVED!

    — Dr. Schulze

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