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Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • Family Needs A Food Makeover

    In this video Dr. Schulze BLASTS a constipated and overweight woman who has three children with numerous health problems. He strongly suggests a family food makeover amongst other things, and tells the mother to lead by example and take charge of her family's diet. No mincing words here; Dr. Schulze calls it as he sees it!

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  • NEW Video Series: Fecal Matter Transplants?

    This year 3 MILLION Americans will be infected with C-diff, a very dangerous and even lethal intestinal bacteria that infects people after they take a course of antibiotics. 16,000 will DIE! The remainder will have severe diarrhea. Since medical doctors won’t stop their indiscriminant usage of antibiotics, C-diff infections are on the rise. But don’t worry; medical doctors think they have the answer. They are now taking fecal matter out of supposedly healthy Americans and TRANSPLANTING it into people with C-diff infections. I kid you not!

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  • A Pre Med Student with ADHD!

    Dr. Schulze explains in this short five-minute video the potential pitfalls of losing yourself, and your goals, in becoming a Medical doctor to Rachel, a pre med student. He also explains how her being diagnosed with ADHD could become her personal blessing, and not a curse ­- how she could make a big difference by being different!

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  • Dr. Schulze & Dr. Tudor

    Dr. Tudor talks about treating a patient with prostate disease using my program to avoid prostate removal. He also talks about his allergic reaction to a bee sting, and treating it with Cayenne and Lobelia (Nerve Tonic). And, he also speaks about how life can be prolonged with good nutrition, getting the waste out and eliminating stress. This short video has a powerful Natural Healing message! Enjoy!

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