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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • Winter's Still Here! So Take A Ride on a Ski Lift with Dr. Schulze!

    This short 5-minute video is one of our “People's Choice” favorites, and one of our most watched wintertime videos. Enjoy!

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  • Convince My Husband?

    This is a great video, with a Great Woman, Veronica, from Las Vegas. She is a Breast Cancer Survivor, and has created a healthy home, but is asking my advice about how to convince and change her husband, to get him more on her path, to get him more on a healthier path. She said she is tired of being the “Freak of the Family”. She says her husband will NEVER DO A DETOX either. I hope that some of the thoughts I share on this video will be of some help to you.

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  • 6 Minutes of Natural Healing EVANGELISM

    In a very powerful evangelistic moment, Dr. Schulze talks about "Jesus and the Doctors", "Health… or Health Care", "Medicine that has NO CURES" (but causes over 60% of all American bankruptcies with over 1 MILLION KILLED every year), "Disease Management" and much, much more. His motto: "Focus on the GOOD to Eliminate the BAD!" This is 6 minutes of SuperFood for your SOUL!

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  • Kidney Stones GONE!

    In less than FIVE MINUTES, Renee tells you her story, about dissolving and flushing out her Kidney Stones, with the 5-Day KIDNEY Detox Program. No PAIN, No DRAMA, No TRAUMA, and best yet, NO MORE STONES!

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